Design that Inspires




UX, UI, Illustrations, 3D

Reimagining the sushi delivery app

When you order sushi from a restaurant, you never know what you are going to get. We solved this problem by creating a visual-based food ordering app so what you get on your plate is never a surprise again.

UX, UI, Illustrations, 3D

Search And Book Your Next Getaway

Explore the world your way with a personalized way to search destinations and flights and discover new and exciting trips.

UX, UI, Illustrations, 3D

Refining Parcel Delivery

Nothing's worse than going to the post office. Getting a package picked up and delivered is complicated, so we made it as simple as Uber.

UX, UI, Illustrations, 3d

Banking & Budgeting, Made Simple

With people consistently overspending, We thought with proactive budgeting and intuitive banking; we could redefine the space.