Why a Smart Entrepreneur Prioritizes Customer Experience In Web Design

By  Zainab Agha

January 20, 2021 1:10 pm EST

Figuring out what the best web design is can be tricky. If you come to a decision about your best design to date, you will find yourself being subjective and biased.

A good web design is one with a brilliant color palette, unique fonts, and animations. But it is also one that is simple, uses color blocking of only two primary colors, and has a familiar font.

But what makes you look at a design and agree that it should make it to your product interface?

In short, before you choose a design it is the holistic customer experience of a brand that makes a user find your web design appealing.

The Delivery Gap

A company could give their 101% and consider it the best customer service they could provide. Even if you too aimed for satisfying your customer you would give it your best. However, according to one research only 8% of customers believe the service they received was superior in the industry where every service provider believed it was exceptional, and from a lot of independent stand points it probably was.

Not being able to satisfy customers with the best design, features etc is the delivery gap, and yes it has been a part of the mobile application industry since forever.

The primary reason for this is what may be the best standard in user interface web development may not be what enhances utility and convenience, or simply does not match with the target audience wants.

The Difference Between Customer Experience and User Experience.

Part of the dilemma of figuring out what your ideal customer would rate the first-class app and recommend it to everyone they meet on the street, is that startup software developers often confuse User Experience (UX) with Customer Experience (CX).

CX is the experience a customer has with all of a brands interactions, UX however is limited to the interaction a customer has on a brand’s website, app, or any other software product. While User Experience and Customer Experience are not interchangeable, the latter falls under the umbrella fo the former.

It is no longer acceptable that a business only takes care of their user experience and have their brand image rely on this solely to get conversions and customers. When app designers and developers begin to target customer experience and strategize for the bigger picture, the user interface falls into line seamlessly.

But why invest effort into CX over UI/UX designing?

This is because in the modern world your customer can be persuaded with the smallest impression of your business. With your competition spanning a global market thanks to the digital age, it is important that every interaction your potential customer has with your brand turns them into a user.

Customer Experience in Web Design

Your Customer Experience in web design starts when a customer lands on your page to navigating and interacting it. The experience they have with its navigability will determine what they think of your brand.

A web designing company will make sure that a project follows the latest design trends, the right design psychology, and global best practices. While that should be enough to improve user experience, it is not.

The following are some of the ways an improved CX helps you grow your business.

Higher Conversion Rate

One of the biggest KPIs of success remains the conversion rate. You can get more leads and website traffic but it only counts when that traffic turns into users. Unless you go for a customer centric approach, this will be hard to achieve.

People want to work with those they can provide customer experiences that will fit their needs. In a situation like that, once they land on your website, they are a step closer to converting, and it is the experience they have now that will convince them.

Cuts Cost

Startup software developers will tell you the number of times they have had to make changes to a web design, some of which they cannot count on their fingers. But these changes are not implemented to annoy the designers but to ensure a website impresses leads. For some time when you find a lot of people landing on your page and leave without downloading your product, you will absolutely want to change the way it looks. And that costs time and money.

Once you research what your target audience likes and share that information with your design team, they will come up with a better strategy to nail an effective design in the first round. This also saves you a lot of guesswork on why your website is failing to fulfill its purpose.

Business Retention

Retaining old clients is a must have strategy for businesses. It takes less energy and resources than getting new clients does. To achieve this you often require the intuitive thinking of a designer with a lot of experience. The best way to go about it is to get someone who has been working on your web design from the start.

When you provide exceptional better CX than your competition then the customer will come back to you time and time again. It is here that you must keep them hooked by building a good relationship.

Crisis Management

It is inevitable for a brand to hit a few bumps along the road especially pertaining to its reputation while its growing. A small snag on the way can be a PR nightmare.

However, a business that actually listens to its customers and responds promptly can prevent crisis such as these. Think about it, as part of your customer experience if you have the necessary features in place like a support email, a chatbot etc, users will reach out to you, before making a ruckus about how bad your service is to the world.

Your approach must be customer friendly, so more people are ready to share the problem they personally experienced with your product knowing that you will fix it asap.

While you are at it, you will find that this process is more insightful. You get to know firsthand what your ideal customer wants, what they appreciate about your business and product, and what they do not care for. You can make future decisions and updates based on this information.

Helps Set Realistic Goals

With adequate Customer Experience measures in place you will find that it becomes easier to align the business’s goal and timeline with the development of its website and digital product.

You can communicate effectively with stakeholders what customers would like to see more of and decide together how to shape or change your direction and strategy for the good of the business.

How to Improve your Existing CX

Redo the Navigational Flow – Make sure you map out the customer journey on your website. This will put into perspective how easy it is. Keep it simple, functional, and innovative. Declutter the space and make the important icons focal points instead of adding more distracting elements.

Make Testimonials Count – In today’s world everyone swipes straight to the reviews before they try on anything. Sure your ad can make your product look like gold but the customer will always believe tried and tested recommendations; especially when engaging on a digital platform.

Doing something as simple as offering a place for users to leave their review is the beginning of building a relationship based on trust and transparency. Customers will always trust your website even if they have issues down the road and will not hesistate to approach you first.

The Faster the Load Time the Better – No one has the time. Period.

If their internet provider is not the problem, then your web presence is glitching, even if its just taking longer than most websites to load.

Make it Accessible – You have to think about users who are using their mobile device to access your website. Make sure that you optimize the web design to cater to them as well. But that is not all that you have to be considerate about.There are users who are differently able, make sure their experience on your webiste is easy and convenient.

Shorter Forms – One of the things that puts people off and may even cut off their customer journey are complicated and long forms. Often times these forms ask users to fill in details that are irrelevant. Make the forms concise in the fields one has to fill and the way they look so as not to overwhelm the audience and keep themf rom proceeding on your site.

When focusing on website designing it is easy to get lost in hyped up trends and feeling like you should do exactly as your competitor. Don’t fall for these things. There is always room for a more innovative, efficient, and cleaner design, so make sure that you are aiming for that.

Zainab Agha

Zainab started her career in advertising as a copywriter; which taught her how valuable moxie was in the boardroom and translates that in her campaigns. Building brands has led her to explore digital marketing, communication concepts, and what it takes to grow an idea from scratch. In her free time (let’s assume she is a badass with balancing work and play) she travels in heels then complains, experiments with innovative creative solutions that sell, and does stand-up comedy.

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