Why a Landing Page can Change the Game for your App

By  Zainab Agha

February 23, 2022 1:51 pm EST

The landing page of an app is a great way to introduce your idea to the world as the mobile application is about to launch. You can describe the development process of your app, the unique features it offers and how users can access it. 

But all of that is what one might assume from the surface. There is so much more a landing page can do for an app startup that makes it a must in your app development journey. 

Monitors Leads

A short form in your landing page is crucial in generating leads. You can gather information such as email and phone numbers which means you can use these for future marketing campaigns. Downloading via a landing page also means you can gauge what motivates the users to download your app, or not download it – by the volume of visitors who scroll through the page but do not click on the download button. This will help you optimize your strategy and make the necessary tweaks in getting more users. 

Increases Conversion

Landing pages allow you to make your users’ journey shorter towards downloading and using your app. Just as you capture their attention via the impressive features or your startup story, prod them with a call to action button.  

Keep Users Engaged

You can also redirect the people who visit your landing page towards your social media pages. This way you can keep these users engaged and informed about upcoming features and big reveals regarding your app. 

Users can also use these platforms to give their opinion and feedback on the functionality and user experience of the app, which is valuable insight.

Offering Assistance and FAQs

By adding your contact information at the bottom of the landing page you can be the company that is ready to listen and also respond to user queries. The FAQs section should have the most likely things users may wonder or be perplexed about. Frequently asked questions are known to build credibility as they show the company is one that prioritizes its users’ concerns. 

A Chance to Showcase Your Brand

As a new company, you can use this space to display your brand image. This will be reflected in the design and the copy. Brand awareness should always be a part of your objective no matter how small you start. 

It is important to note that in order to fully take advantage of a landing page, you have to be strategic in how you portray your information. A good landing page is optimized to give concise details, and attract users to download the app in order to actively use it. To make this work you have to be smart about how each section will be divided and how to put the most impressive thing about your app on the top.

Zainab Agha

Zainab started her career in advertising as a copywriter; which taught her how valuable moxie was in the boardroom and translates that in her campaigns. Building brands has led her to explore digital marketing, communication concepts, and what it takes to grow an idea from scratch. In her free time (let’s assume she is a badass with balancing work and play) she travels in heels then complains, experiments with innovative creative solutions that sell, and does stand-up comedy.

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