What to Include in a Pitch Deck that will Secure you Massive Funding

By  Zainab Agha

January 06, 2022 4:12 pm EST

Billions of dollars are invested in apps every year. However, that does not mean that finding funding is a piece of cake. In order to get a chunk that will get your idea off the ground, you have to compete amongst thousands of candidates to potential investors. 

How do you do that? 

With an app pitch deck that knocks everyone’s socks off! Here is a list of things that your investors will be looking for. 

Where to Begin

The cover slide is an impression you don’t want to miss making. Investors have a lot of things on their mind and a lot of candidates to get through. You have to grab their attention here, so set the tone for the pitch now. 

To make an impact include your logo and tagline, giving you leeway to explain the impact you are planning on making. 

Include your Story

Don’t omit facts, but don’t omit the story either. You have had a journey and you shouldn’t hesitate to tell it. 

Storytelling is a very powerful tool. It shows potential investors what you are all about and that you actually have what it takes to take your startup further with the right funding. Remember there is an inspirational individual behind every successful mobile application. 

Value Proposition

Talk about what your product is about. Keep in mind pointers such as how it serves your customers, why it will perform to trump your competition. The answer you arrive at is your value proposition. 

Your value proposition shows your target market why they should switch to your app. And in the same way, it shows your potential investors the benefit of giving you their money. 

The Problem

There are many apps that have entered the market without offering a viable product. No matter how much they fine-tune their features or spend on marketing the app does not sell, because no one needs it. 

Your investors can be impressed with your app startup pitch but they will be wary to invest in an app that has a minimal viable product. For a product to succeed you need to make sure that it solves a problem in a market and fulfills a demand. 

The real challenge is to explain the problem to your investors. Market research is the key to convincing your audience; numbers don’t lie. 

Your Solution to the Problem

Now that you have explained the problem you have highlighted that there is an opportunity in the market. This is your time to shine, where you present how you propose to solve the problem. 

Do not just show your concept that meets the needs of your target customers, show them the features you have planned for and how they help you stand out from the crowd. 

What is Your Ideal Customer Like

You must have narrowed down the customer demographics you are targeting. This includes your customer’s age, gender, interests, and location. If you are securing funding at a stage where you already have a customer base, show it off to give your cause more credibility. 

The Technicalities of Your Mobile App

Here is where you get to show off the application that you have been working on. If you managed to create a prototype it should be in the deck and a demo must be part of the presentation. 

Investors will always perceive the value of an app better when they can actually see how it works. They do not have to work hard to visualize it or take your word on how it will come out. You too on the other hand don’t have to make claims and promises when you can let the first version of the product do the talking. 

Part of the app and its mechanics is also how you plan on monetizing on it. Are you going to be showing in-app ads? Are you going to ask users to pay to download. This could be part of the app or you can add the monetization strategy separately where you explain the revenue projections as well. 

Do not forget to add a roadmap of where you see your app heading. Your development team will be in charge of the updates and evolution of the app. Do you have plans for integrations and additional features you want to add? Give a quick description of it all as well.

Talk About Your Vision

This is important. Most entrepreneurs add it with fluff when in fact it should be everything you envision for the app startup. This part does not have to be long, but it has to mean something. What impact are you aiming for? Your investors want to know if you have decided to see it through till the end. 

Use the last slide to show your team members everything they are doing in helping you bring the mobile app to life. Share their bios and photos. You can always show what expertise each has and what experience they hold in the app industry.

Zainab Agha

Zainab started her career in advertising as a copywriter; which taught her how valuable moxie was in the boardroom and translates that in her campaigns. Building brands has led her to explore digital marketing, communication concepts, and what it takes to grow an idea from scratch. In her free time (let’s assume she is a badass with balancing work and play) she travels in heels then complains, experiments with innovative creative solutions that sell, and does stand-up comedy.

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