What Makes a Successful Press Release For Your New App?

By  Maham Qasim

November 02, 2021 12:27 am EST

When it comes to marketing your new mobile app, you can’t just rely on great App Store and Google Play reviews. You need a good press release as well.

A press release is a brief news article submitted to the media. It aims to attract attention to generate coverage from newspapers, magazines, and TV channels.

Typically a press release will include only 4-5 paragraphs, which are formatted like an article. It would help to choose the right subject to interest journalists at prominent publications and smaller bloggers alike. 

Here’s what should be included:

The headline – Tells who it’s about and what event you’re announcing.

How big is the announcement – It helps editors figure out if they should run it in the paper or add it to their blog.

News angle/hook – What makes this newsworthy? For example, if your release talks about a new app that helps people find good schools, then the news angle shows how the economy has improved in recent years as parents can now afford to live in better neighbourhoods.

A quote – This must be from someone authoritative on the subject matter. But don’t make it too long and tedious.

How you can reach them – Include all contact information such as phone number, email address, and even social media handles.

What Goes Into A Successful Press Release For Your New App?

There needs to be some sense of urgency for this event or product launch. You want readers/viewers to perceive a need here because they won’t care otherwise. Why should they care? 

Keep your product out of it until the end, when you state your goal with this announcement (more orders).

How to Publis?

Your press release should be written in 300 words and keep all contact information on the first page so that they have access to it as soon as possible. There are several essential steps to take:

  1. The first step is to choose which publication(s) you’d like your article reviewed by
  2. Next, find out the name of the person who edits the coverage about your product/service and contacts their assistant directly.
  3. Ask if they would be interested in watching your press release. 
  4. If yes, then get back in touch with their assistant and arrange a date/time when you can send it to them.

How Can You Be Sure Your Press Release Will Be Successful?

Make sure every link back to your product has the “.com” after it, rather than the actual website address with no suffixes or alternative endings. The reason is – search engines like Yahoo don’t recognize this as an official web address; instead, they consider it spammy or possibly even malware, so be careful when submitting yours online and double-check for errors.

Your goal here is more orders, not lots of views/reads, which you may want to use to your advantage anyway. Make sure to include all relevant .edu websites because students are the most likely to try out new things and share them with their friends. 

You may also want to cross-reference your article on similar platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, Diigo, Stumbleupon., etc. You can get people talking about what you do online through word of mouth.

How Can You Tell If a Press Release Has Impacted Your Sales or Reputation?

If your press release ever gets picked up by the major news sites, then you know for sure that it has been successful in some aspect. Even better is when these sites re-use and edit your article, so it becomes a hybrid between their writing and your specifics, which is the best kind of press release. 

You can tell if your new app or product launch was successful by evaluating the statistics online– as well as how many articles have been written about it upon further research.


Press releases can be life-changing. It is essential that you give your product/service the best possible chance at success by doing research, contacting as many people as possible, and sharing your creation with the attention it deserves.

For a press release to truly succeed in bringing customers/clients in droves (or even a few interested parties), you need to create something that the public wants or needs.

However, don’t fret if it’s not working – change something!

Maham Qasim

Maham is a copywriter and content creator who's always been drawn to the idea that there's more than one way of getting things done. Her writing career can be thought of as just another side hustle for her; when she isn't crafting content or reading Oscar Wilde, Maham often strategizes about how best to reach out with an engaging voice in this ever changing marketplace!

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