What Is The Solution To A Complicated User Experience?

By  Maham Qasim

December 06, 2021 1:35 am EST

The user experience is complicated when users have to jump from one page to another, causing unnecessary clicks and scrolling. It becomes even trickier for mobile shopping: users expect information about shipping and returns and want to purchase without leaving their current screen. This would reduce bounces and increase engagement — which would be a big win for companies.

What Are The Problems With A Mobile Shopping Cart?

Users might not be familiar with some gestures when using a desktop computer, which makes them uncertain about some actions. For example, they want to add an item to their cart but do not know how to swipe. Also, people have less time than they do on desktop computers on mobile devices, making potential shoppers more impatient. And finally, having to go back to the shopping cart page after adding an item ruins the user experience because it might also be unclear how to get back to the product page.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Retailers who sell physical products and companies are offering services because they have to worry about payment methods.

What Are These Companies Looking For?

Mobile users want the user experience to be as smooth as on desktop computers. Shoppers wish to have information readily available and easy to understand before making a purchase decision. They also expect shipping options and returns without having to leave their current screen.

What Is Your Solution?

The interactive product cart enables users to add an item without leaving the current screen. The user can swipe or tap on a specific area. People familiar with this gesture will not be deterred by it, while new users will get clear instructions on using it through animations and tips near the cart. This solution will increase conversion rates because it would require less time to complete a purchase, especially on mobile devices. People have less time there than they do on desktop devices, so this feature is perfect.

The interactive product cart benefits both first-time users and experienced shoppers. This is mainly because the animations guide users throughout the experience. Experienced users will be familiar with this kind of gesture, while first-time users will be advised through it very quickly.

How Does It Work?

When a user taps on the product’s area, a new menu pops up with detailed information about that product. The user can swipe to select another item or tap on “add to cart” to purchase it. With this solution, users benefit from many advantages: they can choose an item without leaving the current screen, do not need to go back to another page, and choose between multiple payment options.

What Are The Benefits Of This Solution?

  • The mobile shopping cart is interactive, which means that it provides a better user experience. It would require less time for users, especially mobile devices, where people have less time than desktop devices.
  • This solution benefits first-time users and experienced shoppers because the animations guide users throughout the process, making it easier for first-time users to understand how it works while familiarizing experienced ones with this kind of gesture.
  • The interactive mobile shopping cart has multiple payment options: PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe and Bitcoin.

What Are The Limitations Of This Solution?

As with any innovative feature, it has to be introduced into an existing design. Hence, there is a risk that people will not use it because they are already familiar with other ways to complete purchases on their devices. Additionally, some users might consider this kind of gesture as unimportant or bothersome.


The solution allows users to purchase items without leaving the current screen and choose among multiple payment options. As such, it makes shopping faster and more convenient for both first-time users and experienced customers. It only requires a basic understanding of swipe or tap gestures which most people familiarized with social media apps are already used to using. The interactive mobile shopping cart has multiple payment options: PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe and Bitcoin.

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