What Is The Link Between Software Development and Artificial Intelligence?

By  Maham Qasim

March 07, 2022 7:49 am EST

It’s becoming increasingly evident that artificial intelligence has great potential when it comes to the future of software development.

This holds in nearly every aspect, from the development process to robot hardware used in devices and machines.

But, there are some very important considerations when it comes to how these two things relate to each other.

Software Development vs. Artificial Intelligence:

The relationship between artificial intelligence and software development is a complicated one.

The reason for this is that both fields are constantly advancing – thus, it’s difficult to say whether the two terms are linked because of their similarities or despite their differences.

This difficulty makes it hard to determine what the future will hold for each and if they’ll eventually merge into the same field. However, some very important differences give us a good idea of where each is headed in the short and long term.

What’s The Difference?

The process followed in both fields is largely similar, especially at the beginning stages. This is logical – after all, a piece of software is a form of artificial intelligence. 

However, as the process continues and the code becomes more complex, the differences become apparent.

One difference that stands out between software development and artificial intelligence is that AI is largely focused on creating technology that has human-like capabilities – from self-driving cars to machines with seemingly infinite knowledge.

However, software development is focused more on creating technology that works for humans rather than with them. 

A remarkable sample of this can be seen in Facebook’s chatbots – they may have some smart features, but they’re not trying to replace you as a person.

The future of these two fields depends largely on the projects developers and AI researchers take on. If this continues as it has been, the two will likely merge into something that is simply called “technology.”

The Reality of the Relationship:

One really important thing to consider in this area is that software developers and AI experts don’t always talk in the same terms.

For example, suppose someone in the AI field discusses a robot’s ability to “understand” something. In that case, they may be talking about its problem-solving capabilities, such as how it will transit a road without getting hit by traffic.

On the other hand, if they’re talking about an AI’s “understanding” something in terms of language and semantics, this may not mean anything to someone more familiar with software development and programming.

It’s very important for those who work with AI to understand what those who work with software development are talking about.

Beyond the Development Process:

As mentioned before, there is more to this than just how programming and development fit into things.

For example, even though software firms may outsource some tasks to firms specializing in artificial intelligence, they may not always be as efficient as those developed and programmed by hand.

However, this isn’t to say that AI cannot make the process more efficient; rather, it depends on what they’re doing and how much time and other resources must be used to accomplish their task.

There’s also the fact that artificial intelligence is better equipped than software developers because it can think and solve problems more quickly.

However, this takes training and programming to be done correctly (though most AI systems are becoming smarter with time).

So, the concise answer to whether or not they’re related is: yes.

It’s important for those who work with AI to understand what those who work with software development are talking about and vice versa.

There’s also the fact that both fields stand to benefit from each other in various ways, such as how artificial intelligence can help make software testing more efficient.

But as with any symbiotic relationship, it’s important for those involved to interact and collaborate. Otherwise, they’re not benefitting each other as much as they could be.

Maham Qasim

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