Top Tips for Prepare for your Demo Day Presentation

By  Zainab Agha

January 13, 2022 4:44 pm EST

Demo Days are fast becoming the most looked forward to events for founders to showcase their projects and investors to find the next big thing they can back up. 

In order to make a greater impact with your pitch here are some tried and tested tips on how to go about preparing your presentation. 

Make Two Decks

The first deck should have a concise presentation that you want exclusively be seen by prospective investors. The second deck should have a marketing presentation that you can present to a larger audience and which can also help you create buzz regarding your app startup. A good idea would be to record you giving out this presentation. 

Learn Your Lines

While many founders may look like they just got on stage and started talking about their product and the charisma just flowed simply because the product was so interesting. That is not true. Everyone, even the most celebrated presenters practice. 

You want to make sure that you get all your points across so it makes a lot of sense that you practice your presentation in a sequence. Of course there is room for flexibility, but while you are looking at your investor audience you will remember everything that you want to relay. 

Time Your Presentation

Edit your pitch to make it concise and interesting. You cannot hold your audience’s attention for too long, so catch their attention as soon as you begin. Start with the most impressive thing about your startup. You can even start with a big reveal or a milestone that you have just achieved. 

Keep it Simple

Don’t make it too complicated. Filling your presentation with buzzwords is not helping anyone. If your app serves as a marketplace for IT services, say that you “help IT professionals find jobs, and employers find suitable candidates.” instead of saying, “we are a next-gen app company empowering individuals with niche skills to populate a unique digital market”. You can make impact with numbers and the functionality of your product, not with complexity. 

Don’t Forget your Team 

While you do not have the time to fit in every little detail in your presentation you must talk about the people who are a part of your app startup. Your investors may like the idea but they also want to know if your team has the skills and experience to pull it off. Talk briefly about the people and their specialized backgrounds to give an idea of what they bring to the table. 

Don’t Make the Slides the Star

You have to be the point of focus in the pitch presentation. The slides can have numbers and facts and images but you must be leading the pitch. You cannot depend on the audience to just read the slides while you switch to the next one. They will be ignoring one thing or the other. You have a better chance of holding their attention than a screen with a bunch of words and numbers.

Zainab Agha

Zainab started her career in advertising as a copywriter; which taught her how valuable moxie was in the boardroom and translates that in her campaigns. Building brands has led her to explore digital marketing, communication concepts, and what it takes to grow an idea from scratch. In her free time (let’s assume she is a badass with balancing work and play) she travels in heels then complains, experiments with innovative creative solutions that sell, and does stand-up comedy.

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