The Future of AI in eCommerce

By  Maham Qasim

November 11, 2021 4:21 pm EST

What if we could evolve with AI? It would be like having an artificial intelligence best friend.

The following are some of the many benefits that arise from incorporating and adopting this technology: 

Algorithms provide a means by which businesses operate more efficiently; they perform tasks that humans find difficult or laborious, such as data analysis and decision making.

Artificial Intelligence has been seen as one of the latest ‘buzzwords’ in eCommerce. This trend will continue to grow even more as more companies look into how AI can improve their customer experience, revenue, and market position. 

Artificial Intelligence has a number of advantages:

Improved Customer Experience

AI can help improve the customer experience through chatbots– these applications can respond quickly to a wide variety of questions. The goal of using AI in this context is to improve the buying experience. 

Improved Revenue

AI-based applications are capable of learning patterns to understand how customers interact with websites. Thus, they can help companies improve their conversion rates by personalizing the website based on this data.

Market Position

In addition, using AI can help companies improve their market position by making more accurate predictions.

Faster Processing

One of the most significant advantages of AI-capable technology is its capacity to deal with huge amounts of data more quickly. It will also eliminate the demand for additional workers and expensive infrastructure.

Improved Supply Chain

Some retailers use supply chain technology to track their products to maintain quality standards and provide superior customer service. 

By aggregating data from multiple sources, companies can gain real-time insights into optimizing their supply chains.

Companies That Use AI


A prime example of how businesses today heavily rely on AI is Amazon. Ever since its foundation, the company has been using high levels of AI in its operations, which will become even more evident in the future. 


As more and more people use social media, companies that advertise on them will collect a lot of data. 

They are collecting this information through their “likes”, which can indicate how customers feel about certain products.


One example of how companies rely on AI is through Siri, their assistant that can help people with a wide range of tasks such as making appointments or playing music. 


Another high-profile company that uses AI is Google. Ever since its foundation, the company has used different forms of this technology to improve various aspects of its business.

They have done this through machine learning, which helps them collect data that can be analyzed for patterns.

Future Trends In The Application Of AI In Ecommerce


Chatbots are capable of responding quickly to a wide variety of queries by using Natural Language Processing. This type of AI is easily accessible to anyone through various platforms, which allow companies to create their versions of chatbots.

Virtual Personal Assistants

Another application of AI in eCommerce is virtual personal assistants to handle customer requests and provide more insight into buying patterns. 

This technology is becoming extremely popular as companies like Siri, Cortana and Alexa become more advanced.

Recommendation Engines

AI-based recommendation engines rely on various algorithms to determine how customers interact with products. As these systems become more precise, they will improve conversion rates by making personalized recommendations to customers at the right time.


One example is Topspin which provides direct-to-fan marketing services to artists. Thanks to AI, they can now suggest songs based on the customer’s music preferences, which will result in more revenue.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing

An example is Stasis Labs which is utilizing AI chatbots for their marketing campaigns. They use predictive analytics to determine how prospective customers interact with various marketing campaigns.


With greater accuracy and improved customer service, AI systems are expected to help increase revenue for eCommerce companies and ultimately provide better shopping experiences to people around the globe.

Maham Qasim

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