Mobile App Marketing Trends that will Sweep 2022

By  Zainab Agha

February 28, 2022 10:22 pm EST

As the need to make user experience more satisfying becomes a priority for innovators, Google Play keeps evolving in terms of optimizing for best app searchability, and Apple device users adopt the latest update, app marketers have to be on their toes.

Here are some of the app trends that will most likely take the spotlight in 2022. 

Good News for Android Apps

We see an emerging pattern of Android apps making a lot more revenue than iOS applications. This does not mean that iOS apps are suffering losses, but a higher curve for Android. As a result, developers have begun to move to Android. 

Consumer Insights and Privacy

We saw that the latest iOS update is focused on offering privacy to all users, however, this strategy is not solely applied into action by Apple. Google aims to release its new policy this year. As 2022 progresses we will effectively enter a privacy-first ecosystem. 

Because of this, marketing strategists will have to seek out different ways to consolidate data that will help them remarket items and target the demographic with effective demand for particular products. 

If the new decade has taught us anything, it is that we are ready to adapt to anything.What is more, with juggernauts like Facebook taking the biggest blow from this privacy-first evolution apps get an opportunity to compete in a level field. 

App Store A/B Testing 

We finally get to see A/B testing within the App Store. Developers can test 3 varying treatments of the same applications. Amongst the factors, you can test include localizations and traffic split. 

In-App Events 

In-App Events engages users by hosting contests, movie premiers, live streams, etc. They are denoted by special event cards on the App Store.

App marketers will find that these are extremely useful when it comes to attracting more of the right audience to not only download the app but also interact with the brand. 

Custom Product Pages

Perhaps this new feature directly relates to app marketers everywhere. With the new Custom Product Pages, you can target promotional material including previews, videos, and screenshots of the application in a maximum of 35 pages. 

You can make variants of your products that communicate with the varying demographics that may want to use your app. 


We have already witnessed how 5G influenced apps in 2021. In 2022 this evolution continues. 

Streaming apps will now be able to offer users better video quality and experience. As performance gets better so will the adoption of streaming apps all over the world. 

5G also means faster download and upload speeds, which paves room for innovation in terms of interacting with the user base in marketing campaigns and ads. 


The biggest change to look forward to in 2022 is the changes in data privacy for mobile users. This means marketers will now commence experimenting amongst different advertising channels to see which works best for their category. Most apps may just aim to be visible everywhere and thus boost marketing budgets.

Zainab Agha

Zainab started her career in advertising as a copywriter; which taught her how valuable moxie was in the boardroom and translates that in her campaigns. Building brands has led her to explore digital marketing, communication concepts, and what it takes to grow an idea from scratch. In her free time (let’s assume she is a badass with balancing work and play) she travels in heels then complains, experiments with innovative creative solutions that sell, and does stand-up comedy.

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