How to Build an App That Attracts Investors

By  Maham Qasim

November 03, 2021 4:45 pm EST

You can’t build a successful company unless you have the right team. And when I say ‘team,’ I’m not talking about just any random group of people. It would be best if you had professionals who have experience in design, programming, marketing, and more. This article will teach you how to find partners for your startup and make an app that attracts investors.

What Makes An App Successful?

According to Jane Rocket, who invested $500,000 in Kickstarter campaigns, four things make a successful app:

  1. A great idea for a product with a big market of potential users.
  2. An experienced team with a track record of successful projects similar to what they’re planning now. The more successful apps the developers have launched, the better.
  3. An updated demo and prototype (video or screenshot) of your app showing how it will look and work. This is one of the essential things for an investor.
  4. A solid marketing strategy – how you will promote your app and get users.
  5. A concrete plan for delivering updates to the finished product brings us back to number 4 above.

What Is Your Business Plan?

A business plan is your long-term vision for your startup. Whatever you do, make sure to think about your business model very carefully, or you risk losing money for no reason. The best way to attract investors is to have a detailed plan of how the whole thing works from start to finish.

How Will You Promote Your App?

Promotion is one of the most important things as many people have launched a successful app but couldn’t grow their businesses. If you want to attract investors, make sure that your app has massive potential for growth and expansion. This means that it must have a lot of potential users.

What Is The Deadline?

To launch an app, you have to set a realistic deadline for the whole project and stick to it. Investors won’t be interested if you don’t have a launch date, and they won’t wait for your app to be ready. They will find someone else who can launch their product faster! You should work on the idea right away and set a deadline ahead of time. Not only that, but also prioritize everything from making sketches, building demos for investors, and making sure that you organize yourself.

How Do You Find An Investor?

The process of finding an investor is very similar to finding an employee; you need to make sure that your potential business partners will be able to understand your idea and might even like it.

To successfully attract investors, make sure that your app has potential for earnings in the long term and that it is something worth investing in.

How To Pitch Your Idea?

When you want to attract investors, remember that they are making a considerable investment in your company. It’s essential to manage the project correctly, discuss all the details with your team, and plan every effort before you start working. Think of every detail – how you will find users, how much money you need, and how to finish the project on time.

Define A Marketing Budget

How much money do you intend to spend on marketing? Do you want to use social media, traditional advertising, or a combination of both? This is one of the most critical aspects of creating an app that attracts investors.

How Will You Handle User Acquisition?

Investors want proof that you can acquire new users without spending thousands on advertising:

  1. Pay a fee to an advertising company. 
  2. Perform your advertising. 
  3. Make the app so good that users share it with their friends and family on Facebook/Twitter/WeChat/WhatsApp.

To make an app that attracts investors, you need to show that you can get new users to download and use your app without spending thousands of dollars on advertising.

Can You Make An App That Attracts Investors?

You can certainly do it! Before sharing your ideas with potential investors, make sure you have developers, marketers, and designers on board.

If you’re looking for investors to back your new app idea, there are a few things that might help: first and foremost, make sure the investor knows how much money they will be making in return on their investment. They want proof of your ability to acquire users without spending too much on advertising. 

Maham Qasim

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