How Does A Web Developer Decide What Goes On Each Page Of A Website?

By  Maham Qasim

April 11, 2022 1:05 pm EST

A few key considerations that a web developer must take into account when determining what content to include on each page of a website.

These considerations include the purpose or goals of the website, the target audience of the website, and the specific message the developer wants to communicate on each page.

The developer must also consider the layout & design of the website and the page content contribution to design.

The First Consideration Is The Overall Purpose Or Goals Of The Website

The developer must put into place an effective and efficient way to communicate with users on your site for them not only to understand what you are trying to convey but also to buy from or book an appointment with whichever action they choose.

For example, suppose our website is about selling products. In that case, each page’s content should focus heavily on promoting those same goods – making sure everything aligns so there won’t be any confusion as people navigate through pages looking at different things (like ads). 

On the other hand, “if” this were instead meant primarily as informative material; well, information-wise, we might still provide some pointers along the lines of “where to buy,” but that would be more of a sidebar and not the focus.

The Second Consideration Is The Target Audience Of The Website

You can’t control who visits your site, but you should make sure the language and images are welcoming. Your videos or other content may need to be translated for visitors from different backgrounds because not everyone will understand them at first glance!

A successful website speaks volumes with its tone of voice – so take care when planning how people across cultures might interact on YOUR WEBSITE… and with what language(s).

The Third And Final Consideration Is The Specific Message The Developer Wants To Communicate On Each Page

This is perhaps the most critical aspect when creating content for a website, as the message you want to communicate will vary depending on the website’s purpose.

For example, if you are creating a business website, focus the message on each page to promote the business’s products or services.

In contrast, if you are creating a website for a nonprofit organization, the message on each page should be focused on raising awareness for the cause and providing information about how people can get involved.


In conclusion, a web developer must consider several factors when deciding what content to include on each website page, including the content, target audience, and the overall content contribution to each page. By considering these factors, the developer can ensure that the content on each website page is carefully curated and relevant to the site.

Maham Qasim

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