Differentiating between different types of software

By  Maham Qasim

December 17, 2021 12:07 am EST

Software can be differentiated from one another based on several factors. These include functionality, the purpose of the software, usage requirement and popularity, all combined with its cost and security concerns.


Software can broadly be classified as application software or system software. Application software refers to a program that helps in solving a specific problem and is designed for a specific task. System software refers to software that helps run computer systems or provides an interface between hardware and the user.

System software consists of system utilities, device drivers, operating systems and application programs. On the other hand, application software is divided into two sections: desktop application software, which pertains to software used on personal computers and web-based application software, which are programs that run on websites.

Software can also be differentiated by the operating systems they run on. Each type of software serves a special purpose, thus creating different types of software, with each having its own importance attached to it.

Data security:

For any data security-related software, data loss prevention is the mechanism by which the software makes sure that important information is not lost. Information has become a crucial part of daily life, and without it, many problems may arise, including finance, time management, etc.

Thus, these types of software are extremely important for both organizations as well as individuals. The only way to prevent these problems is by using software that keeps track of important information and alerts the user whenever this information is lost or misplaced.

Software serving the purpose of managing data, for example, include backup software, which backs up crucial data in case it gets damaged and recovery software that helps in rebuilding a damaged file. File security is given utmost priority, so the backup software also allows for storing data on more than one medium. Security can be provided by encryption or through other means that involve transforming data into an unreadable format, thus preventing it from getting accessed by the wrong hands.

Security can also be provided in different ways where people are given restricted access to certain information. Online security aims to protect the information retrieved online, which is why it protects against viruses and malware.

Usage requirement:

The purpose for which software is used also determines how it should be classified. For instance, certain programs can be categorized as business or industrial based on their usage requirements. Thus industrial software might aid in running an industrial plant, whereas business software might be useful in managing finance and marketing.

Software can also be classified based on the operating system they run on. For instance, software used for running personal computers such as Windows 8 would be considered desktop-based software. In contrast, web-based services such as Gmail or Hotmail would fall under web-based application software.


Software is more likely to become popular if it serves a purpose that everyone needs. Also, the more useful the software is, the higher will be its popularity amongst users. The software also becomes popular due to external factors, including name recognition of the brand, media advertisements and word of mouth publicity. These are all important factors in making sure that people become aware of software and its usefulness to society.

Software is made available for free or at a price; therefore, it also becomes popular if it costs less than other similar applications. The cost should be reason enough for people to buy the application. However, the best-case scenario would be that it is available as gratis as users will have no requirement to part with their money to avail software. 

It also becomes popular if it plays a pivotal role in solving issues or reducing other users’ problems. This is why software companies keep coming up with new application packages because they want to ensure that their existing customers are completely satisfied and thus return for more. New applications solve problems that existing solutions do not, and they become a hit among customers.


Software is a very popular piece of technology today, and it is integral for almost every application that involves the use of computers. The more useful it becomes, the greater will be its popularity amongst users who will make sure to spread the word around about how useful it is. This, in turn, increases sales which makes software companies happy since they can then earn more money through the sale of their products. 

Software is also very important as it has become a necessity in almost every application, and since there is such a wide range, consumers will always find something they need.

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