With more and more people getting access to the internet, it is inspiring more confidence in aspiring entrepreneurs to try their hand at digital startups.

The digital realm has allowed for more accurate data and insights that help educate the leadership on what their next move should be. That being said, it does not mean that startups do not need help.

Startups need assistance in everything from finding funding to scale, to ensuring they employ the right resources to making strategic decisions.

A startup venture studio can help you get access to expensive resources and expertise that you would not be able to afford alone. With years of building businesses from the ground up they have a network of connections that they will happily introduce you to. And more importantly, they have learnt the ins and outs of startups in a particular industry from a lot of trial and error, that kind of insight is priceless and hard to come by.

A lot of startups do not seek help because they are not sure who to turn to. In a wildly competitive market of incubators, accelerators and venture studios picking the startup consultant that is right for you is a vital step towards success. The following are some of the things you can add to your checklist when choosing a venture studio to partner up with.

Their Moral Compass

Unfortunately, not all business consultants prioritize their clients when they claim they do. You want to partner up with someone who always puts professionalism first. You want them to put your needs before their own, and be sure that they are working to help you scale your business.

The way to do this is to notice how they interact with you. They should not have any trouble in being honest with you and telling you the hard truths. Someone who is not serious about developing your business will always reassure you that everything is going smoothly which is impossible when running a business.

A good startup venture studio will be ready to make tough calls and will strategize for the big picture where everything they do is about keeping the startup afloat.

The Right Experience

Experience gives you a massive head start in the world of business and with startups, it can actually make or break them. This is why all startups actively look for a business consultant to weigh in on their startup business plan. When you are choosing a firm make sure that they have ample experience in your field.

Some of the things you can check is see if the venture studio has worked with a company in the same industry as your startup. Have they hired renowned experts in your field. Or are the people working in key positions have had experience in a successfull corporation? This is important, because they will have an intuitive understanding of the opportunities and challenges coming your way.

Problem Solving Approach

Solving problems is a massive part of running a successful startup. Obstacles are inevitable and an entrepreneur should be geared to face them. However, not every problem will present itself in the same way or even the way another similar businesses faced and tackled it.

A seasone venture studio consultant will know this and the way they would have tackled other problems in various startups they will know to bring the same innovative spirit to your business.

Remember the reason you are hiring a business consultant is because you need them to either guide you or take the reigns when you have a difficult time dealing with a situation. Some of the ways to assess this is to see how good the firm’s analytical skills are. Check how quickly they come to a conslusion about things you present them, and the strategic decisions they have made in the past.

Even if your targeted venture studio does not have the experience you hoped it would have, you should depend on this factor in choosing them for your business.


When you join a venture studio you get access to their connections. These areindustry leaders, potential investors, or other influential personalities in the industry you business operates in. Having important contacts is a huge part of starting out as it helps you find mentorship, guidance, and even recommendations that direct you to the right parth towards scaling your business..

But not all venture studios have this. And you do not want to sign up with someone who cannot expand your network. Mostly this is corelated to the experience a studio has. The more they hire people from notable places, the more likely it is that these people are in touch with industry veterans and experts.

You can even check the network the existing portfolio companies in a venture studio is enjoying.

Strong Communication

A good consultancy firm will be one that is skilled at communicating things in a simplified manner to you and your key managers. However, speaking is not the only aspect of commiunication, they should also be able to listen. You want someone who is really listening to everything that you are concerned about and taking you seriously.

Part of building a bond based on trust is effective communication, and a competent firm knows that. The best way to find this out about your narrowed down choices is to get in touch with some of the existing or older clients of the firm and asking them about this.

Do they Actively Participate

You do not want a sleeping partner. When a venture studio says they would like to be directly involved they should be, and not just to thwart your vision. A lot of studio leaders invest a stake in your startup and act as executives and co-founders with you. You want someone who priorities your company now that they have taken up a role and has a proactive approach with every phase of its development.

Is it an Action Oriented Firm

Venture studios will help you create app business plans but you want them to encourage action on it as well. Most business analysts can do only that analyse, they seldom do anything based off on teh softare business plan they hand you.

Implementing the changes or introducing new concepts to your startup software developers is an art in itself. One that should not be underestimated. You want support in execution in the form of the best way to approach an action. It is possible that you may not have any idea on how to even begin. Maybe it is too complex. Perhaps you want to get it right the first time and not deal with any consequences of bad execution.

Can You Trust Them

Interpersonal skills are everything. You want someone who you can trust. They should be able to talk to you about sensitive issues and keep things confidential before they are asked to sign an NDA.

It is this trust that will grow on you and you will feel much more confident in the firm’s advice and the control you feel they have over your project. Plus, you want to work with someone you are comfortable with an not treat them as an outsider otherwise there is very little point to hiring a venture studio at alll.


For the longest time the traditional model of running businesses was with the support of VCs and incubators. But now a new model is sweeping the global industry and the startup world. They are venture studios.

Venture studios are slightly different than accelarators and incubators. They try to find the most innovative and prodcutive combination of resources and build teams and managements upon that.

As oppose to throwing money at new businesses and hoping that it would be able to penetrate the market once the startup launches, a venture studio help your company identify the best resources to build your product, then they work on siezing the best opportunities for you that your busnesses can realisticly work with.

While on the other hand incubators, accelarators, and venture capital firms will enlist you in a program with some seed money and that program will be same for all businesses that sign up with them.

It isn’t every day that you are blessed with app ideas to make money. But when you are, the worst thing you can do is launch it without the right resources and knowledge.

To build a mobile app for startup is more than just getting a team of tech-savvy people to make a product that appears as a tile on your phone. It is about developing your idea and prepping that idea for the market.

If your app idea has potential, but you dont know how to code, what legal stuff to take care of, or even secure funding to execute all of it; here is a brief custom mobile app development for startups guide on things to take into consideration.

Will Anyone Pay for Your Idea

When you come up with an app idea you may feel that it is the most brilliant idea in the world, and it probably is but do you know to what scale?

One of the primary reasons businesses fail is because nobody needed their product in the market they launched. Imagine finding out everything you built and invested time, money, and effort into was useless.

Therefore the very first thing you must do is a market analysis for how viable your product/ application is. Will it fly or flop?

Finding out that a product has great potential and staggering demand in a market is the green light you need to put things into motion.

What is Your Competition Doing

While you are researching a market need for your product keep up the habit and do a competitive landscape analysis. This is super insightful and a time for you to absorb details. Learn what they did that worked for them, and what they did that ended up as massive fails. It’s like second-hand valuable experience on how to run a business built on an app like yours.

More often than not market analysis also brings to light market opportunities that your competition is neglecting and is up for grabs.

Finding Your Brand

Most people make the mistake of using a business’s logo interchangeably with its brand. Building a powerful brand image is perhaps the best way to survive in a cutthroat market for the long term.

To build one, you must figure out what differentiates your application from others. Once you figure that out, the next step is to make sure that you have a uniform design so that every time a potential customer sees your promotional material they associate it with your business and everything it stand for.

Do You Have a Plan?

A solid app business plan will take you places. By projecting and outlining everything up to 5 years post launch, you are in a better position to stick to your goals. Moreover as a young startup a plan also offers you milestones with set deadlines that you must work for. They help you gauge the performance of your business and breed confidence in your decision making.

Money, Money, Money

To find an app idea investor can be time consuming and stressful but is not an impossible feat. If you completed all the right steps, there are bound to be several investors who see how your product is headed for greatness.

A great way to accumulate and summarize everything you have learned from market research is to share highlights in a pitch deck. A pitch deck is also how you can show off your existing structure, your chosen business plan, and your capability as an entrepreneur and a leader. All of these things can make or break a startup and potential investors want to know these things.

Product Development

During the mobile application development phase of your app startup it makes sense that you would spare no expense to design the ultimate product. However, you do not want to learn the hard way that there is a massive difference between what you deem to be a perfect app and an app that primarily targets and serves the needs of your audience.

A smart strategy is to develop the app around the needs and behaviors of your ideal customer. You have to ask yourself: Is the platform navigable for someone who is not tech-savvy? Will people have the time for a complex app to load? Are there unnecessary elements to the application that are only slowing the conversion journey?


If you do not decide to develop your UX, you will not even have the slightest idea about how complex or simple your product is going to be. On top of that you will have nothing to show during the user testing phase of the project.

A good way around it is to decide on UX that faces least resistance from the user. Remember the goal is to make sure that their customer journey is completed. A slight inconveniencce or hurdle could potentially put them off your project entirely.

Now to plan this journey, you have to pay attention to every single screen. Begin by identifying your main objectives. Think about what you are really trying to achieve here.

Do not make the mistake of adding too many features and cluttering the screen. Stick to the core features that will help your user get from A to B. Now work around these features as focal points and add on anything that makes them more engaging and encourages the user towards one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

When developing the app, the copy and communication you use is just as important. It is tempting to use buzzwords and fill every page with jargon. Dont!

The art of copywriting is to make sure that you are delivering the message in the simplest way possible with maximum impact. Make sure interaction with your messages is comfortable and not time consuming for your user. Try to keep the usage of technical terminology low.

First time experiences are a crucial aspect of determining good UX from bad UX. If users have a poor onboarding experience they are not going to return to your app, and it is also likely they will not recommend it to any of the people they know. Localytics conducted one research where they discovered that 21% of people who do not have a satisfactory experience with an app, never return to it.

Product Roadmap

A product roadmap is essential when it comes to aligning your budget, timelines, and every other step that goes into building the tangible, or in this case a digital product. Remember the product roadmap always comes after you have finalized the facets of your user experience.

It is important to note here that the time it takes to build a certain application depends a lot on how much funding you have allocated for it. There are ranges to the functionality that can be employed. The same goes for the expertise you hire in the mobile application design department and how they choose to approach their process for your particular project.

Optimization for the App Store

Over half of all apps on the app store are found entirely because of the organic search on the app store. Most people confuse this as luck or that if a product is good it will show up. But the truth is there is so much competition, you cannot build an app without making sure it is optimized to show up everywhere on the app store.

Make sure that you incorporate all of the app store’s requirements and best practices in your app.

Cutting Through the Noise

When you have secured funding a good chunk of its should ideally be reserved for marketing your app-based startup.

Marketing will push your business plan into motion by creating noise and visibility about your mobile app to the right people.

Digital marketing is an excellent route to help you filter through your ideal demographic without breaking the bank. The best thing about it is that you can formulate a strategy using different tools of digital marketing. Depending on where your target audience often ventures online and the industry that you want to launch your app into, your choices will narrow down on their own.

No Man is an Island

Where you can accomplish a role no one can in your new business. There are experts who can bring game-changing knowledge to the table. Take advantage of it!

One of the best ways to do this is to approach a top-notch mobile application development company. With a venture studio supporting you, you have access to an array of expertise and resources that you would not be able to employ on your own. An incubator launches tons of startups every year and has an instinctive foresight on the likely challenges of getting an app off the ground.

While none of us could have predicted there would be a global pandemic in early 2020, experiencing one has allowed app industry leaders to account for adaptable tech in the coming years.

The mobile application development industry is growing every day. Technology advancements and consumer. If you want to be successful in this space or are looking to build your own startup you must keep up with the latest app trends.

For someone to have their finger on the pulse of mobile applications you must research patterns, communicate with tech leaders, and find tips for app development that will transform the future. It is safe to say that mobile app trends are far beyond a person’s opinion or an influential blogger’s hunch. Check out some of the trends that will dominate the year to com 1.5G

5G is expected to be able to connect over a million users in one square meter. Industry experts are proposing that everything from smartphones, to refrigerators and security cameras be connected.

This goes beyond videos taking an instant to load, and video calls being smoother than ever. With these health devices can monitor your body in real time and send out an alert to the nearest healthcare center in case of an emergenc

2. Apps Designed for Specific Devices

While no one is excited about a flip phone, though it does make us nostalgic people have raved about the release of foldable smartphones in the market. App developers will have to consider these devices when optimizing their applications for mobile.

Another device that developers need to watch out for are wearable devices. Ever since the launch of Fitbit wearable devices have been on the rise. While Apple, Samsung, and Garmin are leading players it does not mean the market wont get more even competitive soon.

Wearable tech is becoming more and more fashionable with each aesthetic update and people who may not see themselves donning these are switching fast

3. Apps for the Integration of IoT

Everyone has been buzzing about the Internet of Things for quite some time. But it is now that we shall see it thrive at the fastest pace yet.

IoT refers to an increasing number of devices being connected to the internet. Smart home devices are the perfect example. They offer seamless control and convenience to the consumer. It is predicted that apps that for example control the appliances in your house are going to be in vogue.

It is estimated that by 2021 the global market for Internet of Things will cross 200 billion. Some of the industries to keep an eye on are household appliances, healthcare, and automobiles

4. Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has transmitters relaying data to smart devices in order to boost the performance of marketing based on location. Beacons are able to search the users who may have searched for your product and what action they took.

Beacon technology is expected to be integrated with apps to streamline marketing campaigns.

5. The Rise in Cloud-Based Tech

Though cloud technology has been around for a while, it took a decade for most to embrace it. As it is slowly making its way to more homes and offices it will come as no surprise if more applications were integrated with cloud services to enhance experiences and make the app more efficient

6. Augmented Reality

AR is more than just a tool for creating interactive worlds that are entertaining. As opposed to virtual reality, augmented reality enhances visuals in the real world.

While Pokemon Go, and Google Live View have paved the way for AR in apps, there are plenty of ways you can use it in your application. For examole you can use it in learning apps and training programs.

Adapting to augmented reality is going to be a strength for content creators. AR made it to the app design trends radar for its massive potential to be used in different industries such as beauty, fashion, and furniture.

7. Better App Security

Security breach in a mobile app can lead to loss of important data such as work, or confidential information and can even result in theft of money and many other problems for users.

Cyber security has become more critical where users are wary of the networks they decide to connect to but so is app security and privacy.

8. Mobile Commerce and Mobile Wallets

Earning revenue via mobile is starting to become a focal point in many businesses’ monetization strategy. So much so that it is also a top feature when pitching app functionality in an app business plan to prospective investors.

We are slowly coming to a point where you definitely need mobile commerce in order to stay competitive in any industry. To put it into perspective, right now every new business that pops up, or a small business that exists is in direct competition with juggernauts like Amazon.

It is estimated that 72.9% of all eCommerce sales will be derived from mobile devices in the year 2021 alone.

Furthermore, mobile payments are a growing preference both from the consumers and retailer’s end. However, this demand is not synonymous for all payment options. For example, 24% of American smartphone users use Walmart Pay, 13% use Apple Pay, while 5% use Samsung Pay.

This goes to show that it is not just about the convenience of online payment but the features such as loyalty programs, and other offers that are provided with a mobile wallet.

9. Predictive Design

Predictive analytics track user behavior in order to complete the pattern next time so that they would not have to repeat themselves or that they can save time with the information that the analytics fished for them.

However, this can be used to market and influence the decisions of a customer, by offering predictive options that they “might” make.

10. Artificial intelligence

Sure AI was introduced to mobile application development a long time ago. But did you know that it is only recently that we were able to actually start using these advanced technologies in ways that can be commercialized?

The most common example of AI remain Alexa and Siri. But the possibilities are endless. Apple released its Core ML 3, which is meant to allow app developers to embed artificial intelligence into apps.

Some ways you can add AI into your mobile app as well are image recognition, face recognition, image classification, predictive maintenance, speech recognition, and sentiment recognition.

AI is slowly making applications smarter so as to improve their performance and interaction with each individual us.

11. Improved Analytics

For years big tech companies have beenusing predictive analytics. A prime example is Netflix, the streaming service. Every time you log on to the homescreen it will show you movies and TV shows based on things you have watched previously. It will even denote the percentage of match it is to your preferances.

It is predicted that in 2021, analytics will become more mainstream as more consumers begin to get used to this convenience. In apps, this improves the user experience by improving the mobile application design.

Currently, 19% of companies are making use of artificial intelligence for predictive analytics. The goal is to make user experience as unique as possible for each application. Suggestions should be portrayed in a different way in a different app.

12. Android Instant Apps

Even though Android lanched Instand Apps some time ago, it is predicted that this is the year we will witness a surge in Instant Apps.

As more and more people search for apps for just about anything, it is becoming a hassle to download each app into their phones just to see how it works and whether it is for them. A better way to pitch to a potential use is to give them the option to be able to try the app before using it. The Android Instant App has a feature called Try Now which allows this.

That being said, these apps are a bit different. They have size restrictions for one. If you are introducing a new product it helps to launch an instant app and let your product do the talking.

Mobile app development services will vouch for the evolving nature of the app industry. In order to stay competitive you have to constantly update skills and knowledge in order to build something disruptive.

Figuring out what the best web design is can be tricky. If you come to a decision about your best design to date, you will find yourself being subjective and biased.

A good web design is one with a brilliant color palette, unique fonts, and animations. But it is also one that is simple, uses color blocking of only two primary colors, and has a familiar font.

But what makes you look at a design and agree that it should make it to your product interface?

In short, before you choose a design it is the holistic customer experience of a brand that makes a user find your web design appealing.

The Delivery Gap

A company could give their 101% and consider it the best customer service they could provide. Even if you too aimed for satisfying your customer you would give it your best. However, according to one research only 8% of customers believe the service they received was superior in the industry where every service provider believed it was exceptional, and from a lot of independent stand points it probably was.

Not being able to satisfy customers with the best design, features etc is the delivery gap, and yes it has been a part of the mobile application industry since forever.

The primary reason for this is what may be the best standard in user interface web development may not be what enhances utility and convenience, or simply does not match with the target audience wants.

The Difference Between Customer Experience and User Experience.

Part of the dilemma of figuring out what your ideal customer would rate the first-class app and recommend it to everyone they meet on the street, is that startup software developers often confuse User Experience (UX) with Customer Experience (CX).

CX is the experience a customer has with all of a brands interactions, UX however is limited to the interaction a customer has on a brand’s website, app, or any other software product. While User Experience and Customer Experience are not interchangeable, the latter falls under the umbrella fo the former.

It is no longer acceptable that a business only takes care of their user experience and have their brand image rely on this solely to get conversions and customers. When app designers and developers begin to target customer experience and strategize for the bigger picture, the user interface falls into line seamlessly.

But why invest effort into CX over UI/UX designing?

This is because in the modern world your customer can be persuaded with the smallest impression of your business. With your competition spanning a global market thanks to the digital age, it is important that every interaction your potential customer has with your brand turns them into a user.

Customer Experience in Web Design

Your Customer Experience in web design starts when a customer lands on your page to navigating and interacting it. The experience they have with its navigability will determine what they think of your brand.

A web designing company will make sure that a project follows the latest design trends, the right design psychology, and global best practices. While that should be enough to improve user experience, it is not.

The following are some of the ways an improved CX helps you grow your business.

Higher Conversion Rate

One of the biggest KPIs of success remains the conversion rate. You can get more leads and website traffic but it only counts when that traffic turns into users. Unless you go for a customer centric approach, this will be hard to achieve.

People want to work with those they can provide customer experiences that will fit their needs. In a situation like that, once they land on your website, they are a step closer to converting, and it is the experience they have now that will convince them.

Cuts Cost

Startup software developers will tell you the number of times they have had to make changes to a web design, some of which they cannot count on their fingers. But these changes are not implemented to annoy the designers but to ensure a website impresses leads. For some time when you find a lot of people landing on your page and leave without downloading your product, you will absolutely want to change the way it looks. And that costs time and money.

Once you research what your target audience likes and share that information with your design team, they will come up with a better strategy to nail an effective design in the first round. This also saves you a lot of guesswork on why your website is failing to fulfill its purpose.

Business Retention

Retaining old clients is a must have strategy for businesses. It takes less energy and resources than getting new clients does. To achieve this you often require the intuitive thinking of a designer with a lot of experience. The best way to go about it is to get someone who has been working on your web design from the start.

When you provide exceptional better CX than your competition then the customer will come back to you time and time again. It is here that you must keep them hooked by building a good relationship.

Crisis Management

It is inevitable for a brand to hit a few bumps along the road especially pertaining to its reputation while its growing. A small snag on the way can be a PR nightmare.

However, a business that actually listens to its customers and responds promptly can prevent crisis such as these. Think about it, as part of your customer experience if you have the necessary features in place like a support email, a chatbot etc, users will reach out to you, before making a ruckus about how bad your service is to the world.

Your approach must be customer friendly, so more people are ready to share the problem they personally experienced with your product knowing that you will fix it asap.

While you are at it, you will find that this process is more insightful. You get to know firsthand what your ideal customer wants, what they appreciate about your business and product, and what they do not care for. You can make future decisions and updates based on this information.

Helps Set Realistic Goals

With adequate Customer Experience measures in place you will find that it becomes easier to align the business’s goal and timeline with the development of its website and digital product.

You can communicate effectively with stakeholders what customers would like to see more of and decide together how to shape or change your direction and strategy for the good of the business.

How to Improve your Existing CX

Redo the Navigational Flow – Make sure you map out the customer journey on your website. This will put into perspective how easy it is. Keep it simple, functional, and innovative. Declutter the space and make the important icons focal points instead of adding more distracting elements.

Make Testimonials Count – In today’s world everyone swipes straight to the reviews before they try on anything. Sure your ad can make your product look like gold but the customer will always believe tried and tested recommendations; especially when engaging on a digital platform.

Doing something as simple as offering a place for users to leave their review is the beginning of building a relationship based on trust and transparency. Customers will always trust your website even if they have issues down the road and will not hesistate to approach you first.

The Faster the Load Time the Better – No one has the time. Period.

If their internet provider is not the problem, then your web presence is glitching, even if its just taking longer than most websites to load.

Make it Accessible – You have to think about users who are using their mobile device to access your website. Make sure that you optimize the web design to cater to them as well. But that is not all that you have to be considerate about.There are users who are differently able, make sure their experience on your webiste is easy and convenient.

Shorter Forms – One of the things that puts people off and may even cut off their customer journey are complicated and long forms. Often times these forms ask users to fill in details that are irrelevant. Make the forms concise in the fields one has to fill and the way they look so as not to overwhelm the audience and keep themf rom proceeding on your site.

When focusing on website designing it is easy to get lost in hyped up trends and feeling like you should do exactly as your competitor. Don’t fall for these things. There is always room for a more innovative, efficient, and cleaner design, so make sure that you are aiming for that.