7 Questions to Ask Potential Board Members

By  Maham Qasim

February 02, 2022 11:53 pm EST

A board of directors is a group of individuals elected or appointed to manage a company or other organization. The board’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Setting the organization’s strategic direction,
  • Appointing and overseeing the CEO and other executive officers, and
  • Ensuring that the organization complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Board responsibilities vary depending on the organization’s size. However, they typically include selecting and evaluating organizational leaders, providing oversight for financial matters, ensuring that legal obligations are met, and establishing ethical standards.

Membership on an organization’s board is generally open to all interested parties; however, boards often have minimum requirements for directorships (e.g., age, number of years in business).

Board Structure

The board structure generally comprises “inside” directors, employees, or other stakeholders in the organization and “outside” directors, who are independent advisors brought onto the board. Directors generally meet regularly to review ongoing activities and make decisions regarding organizational goals. While organizations may have many boards (e.g., executive, advisory), the board of directors is generally tasked with overseeing the organization’s overall management.

  1. What Are Your Expectations For Directors?

Board members should understand their responsibilities and be willing to fulfil them. They should also know the company or organization they are serving on behalf of and contribute somehow. Additionally, board members should be committed to attending all meetings and providing assistance when necessary.

  1. Are You Willing To Take On A Leadership Role In Our Organization?

Board officers are generally selected based on their respective areas of expertise, but the board should work together as a unified team. Board members should also lead discussions effectively and use their leadership skills to facilitate decision making.

  1. Are You Committed To Attending The Scheduled Board Meetings?

Board members should attend all scheduled meetings to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and contribute their knowledge and insights. If a member cannot participate in a discussion, they should notify the board in advance and explain their absence.

  1. Would It Interest You To Serve As A Member Of Our Board Of Directors?

All interested parties are welcome to serve on the board of directors, provided they meet the minimum qualifications. Board members should also be willing to contribute their time and resources to help the organization reach its goals.

  1. How Would You Describe Your Management Style, And What Is Your Approach To Decision Making?

Every individual has their unique leadership style, but some key components include taking into account others’ opinions, being open to change, and being decisive. Board members should make decisions based on their information and the organization’s best interests.

  1. What Are Your Thoughts On Risk Management, And How Can We Minimize Potential Risks?

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, and responding to risks. Board members should be familiar with the organization’s risk management policies and procedures and be willing to take corrective action when necessary.

  1. What Are Your Thoughts On Financial Oversight, And What Level Of Involvement Would You Be Comfortable With?

Board members oversee all financial matters, including approving budgets, reviewing financial reports, and assessing risk. They should be familiar with the organization’s financial status and be willing to provide guidance when necessary.


Serving on the board of directors is a great way to give back to the community and help an organization achieve its goals. Board members should work together as a team, attend all meetings, and make decisions based on what is best for the company. They should also know the area they are serving and contribute their time and resources to help it reach its goals.

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